Frequently Asked Questions


It is advisable to get a good yoga/exercise mat for use in yoga sessions and some fitness sessions. If you don’t have one, you can use a large towel. However, as this Virtual Retreat is designed to be a catalyst for lifelong change, we’re hoping you’ll choose to continue exercising after the initial 7 days, so a good mat is well worth the investment.

Additional props are also recommended for yoga sessions such as blocks/bricks for beginners. If you don’t have these, some thick books will also work well. 

For meditation sessions, you will need a nice cushion/pillow to sit on and use during some of the poses and also a blanket for yoga Nidra sessions.

For fitness sessions, no special equipment will be needed, but again a good fitness/yoga mat for floor/ab work is advisable.

If you wish to join in with the bonus rebounding sessions, you will need a rebounder (mini trampoline) of some kind. If you wish to use the same Bellicon rebounder we will be using at the retreat, here’s the link: shop.juicemaster.com/collections/rebounding We appreciate these aren’t cheap, but they are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of rebounders and their quality is second to none. If your budget doesn’t allow, please check places like Amazon, John Lewis or Argos.

You must get it! You can download the FREE app from www.zoom.us or look in the app store. It’s extremely easy to understand and navigate but if you have any problems, please feel free to email the ZOOM team direct or drop an email to info@juicemastervirtualretreats.com and we’ll see if we can help.

Important: When setting up ZOOM, you MUST ensure that you enable access to your mic and video if you wish to interact throughout the course of the week.

Links for the Zoom Sessions will be emailed to you and will also be available in your account.

It’s completely up to you. Jason likes people to be present during talks, to ensure you absorb all the information (often when making notes you can miss things or get distracted). However, clearly, it does no harm to have a pad and a pen handy (just don’t be glued to it!)

No. The Virtual Retreat is LIVE and happens in real time (so clear your diary as you would if you were actually attending a retreat). The reason for this, is so you actually commit to the classes and talks and move through the week as a group. Jason has found that when people have a choice of ‘dipping in and out’, they can often get caught up with other things and end up missing the very experience they’ve have paid for. There is also less sense of ‘community’ if you’re all doing things at different times. Clearly, this doesn’t mean you have to attend every session and talk (often people’s schedule won’t allow it). However, we strongly advise you make time for you and attend as many of the classes and talks as possible.

Unfortunately, this is one area we have very little control over. In the unlikely event of a power cut (our end) or a drop-in signal (our end) we will continue to record the session and upload it to the login area of the Virtual Retreat website.  We do not envisage this happening, but technology isn’t always 100% reliable and at least you have peace of mind knowing that we have a backup solution just in case.

NO. Just like the real Juicy Oasis retreat experience this isn’t a boot camp. You can feel free to dip in and dip out as you please or as your schedule will allow. We all have different fitness and concentration levels as well as many different time commitments. Not many will be able to clear their diary completely for this virtual retreat and it’s why we have many classes per day. This is your retreat and your experience and the whole idea is to be pressure free. As long as you keep to the juices and soups and dip on and out of talks and classes, you’ll have a wonderful experience and incredible results.

No, but it is highly advisable. One of the things that makes Jason’s retreats so special is the human connections made throughout the week. Whilst this is very tricky due to current circumstances, we want to try and replicate as much of this sense of community as we can. This is why we are creating a closed Facebook group just for those taking part in this Virtual Retreat experience, so you can interact and support each other throughout the course of the week.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of Facebook and don’t yet have an account, it’s well worth signing up for free, even if it’s just for this event (as you can always delete it afterwards).  It is especially beneficial to be part of a community at this time due to lockdown in the UK. Some of you may be alone, or alone in terms of those you’re living with not understanding the nature of this retreat and possibly not giving you the support, you might need. One of our team will manage the group and accept people into it and only those attending the retreat will be able to access it.

The classes are designed for all fitness levels and our experienced instructors will always be able to offer alternatives and adaptations if needed. But listen to your body and go at your own pace, there is no pressure.

No. You will only need an area of around a 2 m2 to 3 m2.

When booking for the Virtual Retreat you will be asked to confirm the delivery (or shipping) address for your Juice Plan order. You will then be able to a delivery date of 3rd or 4th February. This is not a guaranteed delivery date, but we will do our utmost to delivery on your chosen date. For queries related to your juice delivery, please contact Juice Master Delivered directly.

These will be sent out to you as part of your juice delivery.

For any questions in relation to your juice delivery, please email info@JuiceMasterDelivered.com and one of the wonderful team at Juice Master Delivered will be able to assist.

Unfortunately not. Currently the Virtual Retreat is only open to those in the UK.

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